Five Grooming Essentials For Beard Care

If you are thinking of growing a beard, there are a few aspects in beard care you might want to consider. If you have never grown a beard before, you may not be aware of the products that are available for beard care. These products are designed to keep your beard looking well groomed, and your skin underneath feeling healthy as well. Here are three essentials every guy should consider when contemplating growing a beard:

1. Shampoo and Conditioner Made Specifically For Beards

Just as the hair on your head needs special care to keep it looking and feeling healthy, your facial hair will need the same attention and care. It's best to avoid using regular shampoo on your beard which may cause sensitivity issues or excess drying of the skin. Facial cleansers may not be adequate, either. A specially formulated beard shampoo will not only cleanse your beard, it will nourish it, helping it appear soft and conditioned. In addition, a specially formulated beard shampoo can keep your beard smelling fresh and free from smoke and food odors that may become trapped in facial hair.

Some beard shampoos and conditioners and other beard treatment products contain beeswax, coconut or essential oils and other natural extracts. Vitamin-enriched products can keep your beard in tip-top shape as well. Experiment and see which products work best for you.

2. Beard Oil or Balms

If you've ever grown a beard and have experienced flakiness or dryness, a beard oil or balm may put an end to this issue. Whether you choose an oil balm or beard butter, these compounds will help keep your beard more manageable and prevent your skin underneath from drying out. Simply massage a small amount of oil or balm into the beard using your fingertips. You will notice a difference. It is especially helpful for those with unruly beard hair. When choosing a beard comb, the teeth should have a gentle design that won't tug or pull beard hair. Also, choose a design that is made for your beard length, be it short or long.

3. Beard Brush and Comb Set

A beard brush and comb set is another essential in beard grooming. Some beard brushes or combs actually massage the beard for better stimulation and beard growth. You might want to choose a natural boar bristle beard brush instead of a nylon variety. A natural boar bristle beard brush will help distribute your beard's natural oils evenly. Brushing and combing your beard regularly (especially a thick beard) will help give it a polished and shiny appearance.

4. Electric Beard Trimmer

You will want ton keep your beard neatly trimmed as it grows out. A quality beard trimmer will include styling attachment tools for your beard and mustache. It will most likely be powered by a rechargeable battery pack. If you purchase an electric or cordless beard trimmer, look for a model that features various beard length settings. Self-sharpening steel blades will be helpful as well.

5. Beard Trimming Scissors

This is an alternative to an electric beard trimmer. Look for stainless steel blades and an ergonomic handle for comfort. Barber sheers may be purchased anywhere men's grooming tools or sold, or look for them at your local barber shop.