3 Tips For Keeping Tangles From Forming In Your Synthetic Hair Wig

If you have recently purchased a wig made from synthetic hair, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do while caring for it to keep the strands from getting tangled up. If so, use the following tips to keep tangles from forming in your synthetic hair wig. Use a Rubber-tipped Brush Ideally, when brushing your wig, you should use a brush specifically designed for the synthetic strands of hair to keep them from breaking off or becoming a tangled mess. Read More 

Benefits Of Attending A Barbershop

If you are a man, an excellent place to get your hair and shaving needs taken care of is at a barbershop. Here are two great benefits of attending a barbershop.  Great Skin A lot of the time when men use a traditional razor to shave their skin, it may leave a rash behind on some areas of their face. The main reason for these rashes are ingrown hairs that weren't shaved properly. Read More