3 Tips For Keeping Tangles From Forming In Your Synthetic Hair Wig

If you have recently purchased a wig made from synthetic hair, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do while caring for it to keep the strands from getting tangled up. If so, use the following tips to keep tangles from forming in your synthetic hair wig.

Use a Rubber-tipped Brush

Ideally, when brushing your wig, you should use a brush specifically designed for the synthetic strands of hair to keep them from breaking off or becoming a tangled mess. However, if you do not have a specialized brush, do not use whatever you have on hand. Instead, use a brush that has rubber-tipped bristles.

The rubber tips on the bristles glide more easily through the strands than a non-tipped brush. The rubber also keeps the bristles from catching on the strands, which could cause them to bunch up and tangle.

Apply Wig Spray before Brushing

Before using your rubber-tipped brush on your wig, make sure the strands are well lubricated to allow the bristles to flow through the hair without catching. You can do this by applying a wig lubricant spray.

When applied to the wig, the spray coats each strand to keep the brush from snagging. The spray also conditions the synthetic fibers to keep them from drying out and fraying, which could also contribute to tangling. If you are unsure of which spray to use, ask for a recommendation from the representative who sold you the wig.

Start at the Ends and Work Your Way Up

Once you have properly prepared the wig, you can start brushing the hair. However, do not start at the top and brush it as you would your natural hair. If you brush the wig from the top to the bottom, you may snag on a knotted strand, which would then catch more strands and cause them to tangle up into a small ball. 

Instead, start from the bottom of the strands while brushing them to make sure you have removed any existing knots or tangles. Then, as you work your way up, you can continue to remove any tangles without making them worse.

Using the above tips while caring for your wig can help you prevent tangles and keep it looking sleek and shiny. If you have more questions or need product recommendations, speak with the representative of the store where you purchased your synthetic wig for further advice.

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