Can IPL Photojuvenation Be Helpful To You?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) photorejuvenation can help improve some of the skin problems that many Americans face. Despite the benefits of the treatment, many people have not taken advantage of it. If you have been hesitant to try IPL photorejuvenation, learning more could help you decide.

 How Can IPL Photorejuvenation Help?

IPL photorejuvenation relies on lasers to lighten or remove brown blotches on the skin. It can also help with reducing the redness that is associated with skin conditions, such as rosacea. If you suffer from flushing, the treatment can provide relief.

The treatment will likely take more than one session. Your dermatologist will determine how many treatments will be necessary to completely treat your skin problem. An assessment is conducted before and after each treatment to determine if more or less treatments are necessary.

What Are the Side Effects?

During the treatment, you might feel a slight sting. To protect your skin, your dermatologist will likely suggest using an anesthetic cream prior to the treatment. The cream can be applied about half an hour before it is time for your treatment.

Following an IPL photorejuvenation treatment, your skin will look slightly redder. The redness usually clears within a few days. In some rare cases, bruising has occurred. Crusting can also occur.

Some people believe that the treatment will make them more sensitive to the sun. This is not true. However, practicing good sun safety is smart to prevent some skin problems from returning.

What Should You Do After a Treatment?

There are very few restrictions on what you can do after an IPL photorejuvenation treatment. For instance, you can reapply makeup shortly after it is done. You can even take a shower. When you do cleanse your face, be gentle.

You should avoid wiping or rubbing the treated area for a few days. If you do have swelling, use ice packs to control it. Swelling is not a guarantee, but it can sometimes occur.

When you do go outside in the sun, make sure you are using sunscreen. Wearing a hat can provide you with additional protection from the sun. Your dermatologist can provide you with any specific instructions that are needed for your recovery.

Talk to a dermatologist, like one from Vivid Skin and Laser Center, if you remain unsure whether IPL photorejuvenation is beneficial for you. He or she can also answer any other questions you have so that you will have the information needed to make a decision.