Four Tips For Waxing With Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin you may notice that many methods of hair removal will cause you to have issues. Shaving will make your skin break out in razor bumps. Depilatory hair removal systems will turn your skin red and possibly cause burns. If you desire for your hair removal to last as long as possible, waxing is a good choice. When you select waxing, you may only need to get one or two wax sessions to last for several months of summer. If you want to keep your skin in good condition during the waxing, here are four tips for taking care of sensitive skin during waxing:

Find a skin numbing cream

If you find it difficult to get through a waxing due to pain on your skin, you should consider getting a numbing cream. You can apply an over the counter numbing cream to your skin several hours prior to the waxing in order to get the waxing done. The numbing cream will make your skin less sensitive and allow you to get through waxing a little easier. 

Use aloe vera only

Overloading your skin with creams or lotions after a waxing can make your skin issues a little bit worse. If your skin is red or sensitive after the waxing, adding lotion could cause it to become irritated and create bumps or keep your skin red. Aloe vera is a natural product that can help soothe the skin and close your pores after waxing. Using aloe vera once or twice a day can help calm irritated skin.

Stay away from perfumed soaps

Though you will want to wash your body off after a waxing, the last thing that you should do is use a soap with too much perfume. Right after a waxing, your pores are likely to be open and the skin easily irritated. Use a mild soap or a baby soap and cool water only when washing the waxed areas. 

Wear loose clothing

After a waxing on sensitive skin, you will need to make sure the skin is not bothered by the rubbing of clothing. After a waxing, wear loose clothing that allows your skin to breathe. Clothing such as sweat pants and cotton shirts are perfect to wear in the two days after the waxing. After a bikini waxing, make sure that your underwear is breathable and made of natural materials. This will make sure that your skin does not remain sensitive and that no bumps occur. 

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