Colored Clip-In Hair Extensions Can Be A Great Way For Little Girls To Express Their Unique Style Without Damaging Their Hair

If you have a little girl who wants to be able to express herself by having wild and crazy hair, but you do not feel comfortable allowing her to make any major changes to it, consider allowing her to use clip-in hair extensions to express herself. The clip-in hair extensions will not cause any damage to your daughter's hair and will provide her with the outlet that she needs to feel unique. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about clip-in hair extensions before you buy them.

Determine How Your Daughter Plans to Style Her Hair

You first need to determine how your daughter plans to style her hair when she wear the extensions. If she plans to curl her hair, you will need to get hair extensions that are made from human hair. Human hair can be styled with heat while extensions created from synthetic materials will melt when they come into contact with any heated styling device.

The Extensions Should be Trimmed

Hair extensions come in different lengths. It is best to purchase hair extensions that are a little bit longer than your daughter's hair so that they can be trimmed to the perfect length. When trimming them, do not cut them straight across. This will make it obvious that they are not really your daughter's hair because the ends will stand out from the rest of her hair. Pinch the end of the extensions in one hand and then take the tip of a pair of scissors and trim the hairs in short cuts at a diagonal and then repeat the process in the other direction. This will create a jagged edge rather than a blunt edge.

Teach Your Daughter How to Make the Extensions Look Seamless

Taking the time to teach your daughter how to make the extensions look like they are a part of her hair is important. Have your daughter lift up a layer of her own hair and then clip the extensions onto the layer of hair beneath it. When she puts down her natural hair, it will cover the clip of the extensions. The extensions cannot be placed directly on the top of her head without any hair covering them or the clips will be very noticeable.

Clip-in hair extensions are available in a variety of colors. Purchase a few different options for your daughter, such as from M&M Beauty Supply & Wigs, so that she can color coordinate her hair with the outfit she is wearing each day.