Use Natural Hair Follicle Stimulants To Grow Healthy Hair

Strands of hair from your head grow from your hair follicles, which are cell-lined sacs. Sebaceous oil glands attach to the follicles, which produce sebum. Sebum then climbs up the follicle to reach your scalp. Sebum thereafter goes about naturally oiling your hair and skin. If you're experiencing a lack of healthy hair growth, you need to learn whether your hair follicles are indeed alive and are capable of producing hair.

Facts About Hair Follicles

Your body needs nourishment and so does your hair follicles too. Follicles can die if they are not receiving adequate nourishment, and your hair strands will get thinner and fall off your head. Lack of nourishment causes your scalp to lose hair and subsequently baldness occurs. Note that thinning of your hair doesn't necessarily mean that your hair follicles are dead. There could be another process taking place, and that process is called a hair follicle resting phase.

Telogen Resting Phase

Hair follicles may be going through a resting phase cycle wherein your hair growth temporarily stops growing. This phase is referred to as the telogen phase. During this phase cycle, your old hair is resting. However, new hair is beginning to sprout. So your hair follicles have not died but are undergoing a temporary stoppage of growth. There are a number of healthy natural products and supplements that you can use to effectively grow and nourish your hair.


Maintain mineral and vitamin supplementation amounts that ensure adequate levels of vitamin B and vitamin D as well as adequate zinc, and iron supplementation. Proper levels of supplementation assures faster hair growth. You need to also consume proper foods and vegetables. Talk to your primary care physician about proper amounts of supplements that you should use. Nutritionists can provide you with a diet sheet for preparing healthy meals.

Selenium Mineral

Selenium is a mineral, which promotes hair growth while killing harmful free radicals. It reduces dandruff and works with protein-rich foods to give you healthier hair growth. Those foods are beef, liver, eggs, beans, tuna, oatmeal, spinach, nuts, whole grains and Brazil nuts. Selenium also helps to prevent hair loss.

Natural Oils

You can use peppermint oil as well as lavender oil to promote hair growth. Lavender oil is used to treat scalp problems such as balding. Gently rub the oil around your temples and around the crown of your head. Rosemary oil promotes hair growth and successfully treats dandruff problems too. Try using sweet almond oil. Some people say it controls shedding and thickens their hair. Coconut oil has a reputation of ensuring hair growth while strengthening your hair strands. Olive oil strengthens your hair. It nourishes and penetrates your hair strands with emollient ingredients.

A hair follicle stimulant can help you continue to enjoy a head of natural hair.