Laser Hair Removal At Medical Spas: What You Need To Know

Is there anything that the average woman finds more annoying than unwanted body hair? Fortunately, you are not forced to constantly shave or wax unwanted body hair only to see it grow back a short time later. Laser hair removal treatments are a terrific option for many people dealing with this issue. Not only does this treatment give good results, you can also have it done in the comfort of a medical spa facility rather a doctor office. Here is a close look at this important topic:

How it Works

Laser hair removal involves sending concentrated beams of light directly into your hair follicles. After several treatments, the follicles will be damaged to the point that they will grow back very slowly, much more slowly than after being waxed or shaved. This innovative technique has proven to be quite effective and works well on almost any area of the body. It is not recommended for unwanted hair around the eyes, however, due to concerns about damaging the eyes.

Where to Do It

Of course, you could have this procedure done in a physician's office, but many women would probably prefer a setting with a more comfortable, calming, and home-like atmosphere. A good option for resolving this dilemma is to have the treatment done in a medical spa. These are facilities that offer you the same relaxed setting as a traditional spa. However, they also provide a number of non-invasive medical treatments. One of the most common treatments they offer is laser hair removal.

Medical spas are regulated by the state and must have a doctor associated with the facility. The doctor typically does not have to be on the site at all times, so you may have your laser treatment done by another medical professional, such as a physician's assistant. Even if a physician does not perform the procedure, make certain that you have a consultation with a doctor associated with the spa so that you understand everything that will be done and how to prepare for the treatment. One important preparatory step is to avoid spending a lot of time in the sun for six weeks leading up to the session.

Having your laser hair removal procedure done at a medical spa is clearly a good way to make sure that you are in a pleasant environment while undergoing this leading-edge treatment. For more information, contact a medical spa near you.