FAQs About Tear-Free Shampoo

For years, there have been products known as "tear-free" shampoos on the market. You can find them in almost any pharmacy or drugstore. Typically, they are advertised as being for babies so that the shampoo won't sting if a little accidentally gets into the child's eyes. This is a really useful concept, but if you are like most people, you are still left with some questions about tear-free shampoo. Discover the answers below.

How do tear-free shampoos work?

When you are used to soaps and shampoos stinging your eyes, the idea of one not stinging can seem pretty mysterious. But actually, it just comes down to the ingredients. Most soaps and shampoos are made with detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate. These detergents are meant to break down oils and residue, and in doing so, they break down and irritate the outer layer of your eye tissues — should they happen to come into contact with those tissues. Tear-free shampoos contain a milder detergent. The detergent molecules themselves are much larger, which means they are not quite as aggressive at breaking down oily tissues, and they don't irritate your eyes.

Do tear-free shampoos contain Novocaine?

No. This was a rumor in certain circles for a while. However, tear-free shampoos do not contain Novocaine or any other similar numbing agent. They do not numb the eyes in any way; they simply don't bother the eyes.

Do tear-free shampoos actually clean well?

These shampoos are not quite as effective at removing oils and dirt from the hair. That is because, as mentioned above, they use a milder detergent. However, they are still effective enough to clean most people's hair. In fact, their mildness may be a benefit, since people often feel that standard shampoo strips their hair, leaving it dry.

Can adults use tear-free shampoo?

Even though the product is marketed for babies, there's no reason adults can't use it. If you are someone who struggles to shampoo your hair due to an injury or orthopedic problem, a tear-free shampoo could be a smart choice. It's also a good choice if you tend to find other shampoos too harsh and stripping. Some people with really fine hair find they like it.

Tear-free shampoo is a great product, but it is not magic. It works because it is designed to work without bothering your eyes. So, lather your hair up, and enjoy the results.