FAQs About Alternative Hair Straightening Treatment Options

Do you want smooth, sleek, straight hair—minus formaldehyde and other similar chemicals? Whether you have tight, spring curls or looser waves, take a look at what you need to know about the alternative hair straightening treatment options.

Can You Straighten Your Hair At Home?

You could try a DIY approach to hair straightening. But this isn't likely to get you the ultra-smooth look you want. To straighten your hair at home you may need to wash and blow dry your tresses daily. This type of styling may also require a flat iron, plenty of products, and a high degree of technical know-how. If your at-home approach doesn't give you the salon quality style you want, leave the straightening to a professional.

Are All Salon Straighteners Made With Chemicals?

The answer to this question depends on the salon you choose and the services they offer. But this doesn't mean you can't or won't find a salon that only offers chemical-free treatments or has chemical-free/alternative treatment options. Before you book a straightening service, talk to the stylist or the salon manager. Ask about the options and which straightening treatments have/don't have harsh chemicals. Look for a menu with specific services such as a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment. 

What Is A Keratin Straightening Treatment?

You've found a salon that offers alternative straightening options. A keratin treatment is on the list of services—but you're not sure if this is the best choice for your hair. If this is your first experience with alternative straighteners, talk to the salon's staff about their keratin treatments. 

Keratin is a natural substance that the body makes. Your hair and nails are already made from keratin. Salon keratin treatments can help to smooth hair cells. This can bond strands back together, reducing split ends and decreasing frizz. After this type of treatment, you should see a noticeable smoothness or glossy/shiny look. 

Not only can keratin help to straighten your hair, it can also strengthen the strands. This creates a healthier, more manageable mane that is easier for you to style at home. While you may still need to blow dry your hair after washing it to get a completely straight look, this process is much easier than without the treatment.

Are All Keratin Treatments Chemical-Free?

No, not all keratin treatments are chemical (specifically formaldehyde) free. Professional salon keratin straightening methods include both options. This makes it important to speak with the salon's staff prior to choosing a keratin straightener. Never assume that the word "keratin" equals chemical-free. A quality hair salon like Magic Sleek should openly disclose the ingredients in the straightening product and help you to choose an alternative (chemical-free) treatment that fits your needs and comfort level.