Benefits Of Using Beard Oil—And The Best Ones To Buy

When it comes to everyday grooming, don't forget the beard oil! Is using beard oil part of your daily regimen? The benefits of using beard oil are compelling—and make it a prudent part of everyday hygiene: 


Replaces Natural Oils

Beard oil helps replace natural oils that are lost during washing and bathing. These oils moisturize the hair, including your beard. 

Prevents Dandruff

Beard oil moisturizes the scalp, so it helps prevent dandruff. No more embarrassing flakes! 

Softens the Beard

It is common for a beard to feel scratchy and wiry; using beard oil resolves this. The oils soften the hair of the beard, so it feels lustrous and silky to the touch.  

Alleviates Itching

Growing out a beard can be itchy, and experts say that the first month of establishing your beard may be the most uncomfortable. Using beard oil can alleviate the itching, so you are not tempted to shave it off. 

Enhances the Appearance

Plus, it helps your beard look great! Using organic beard oil adds volume, giving you a thicker-looking beard. It also helps enhance the natural color and pigment of your beard, while making it shiny and lush. Beard oil makes the beard hair healthier, so it simply looks better.  

Buying Beard Oil

Now that you know the benefits of using beard oil every day, what is the best beard oil to buy? Here is what you should know:  

Beard oils are typically a combination of oils designed to moisturize and enhance the texture of your hair. They usually consist of a carrier oil to hydrate, essential oils for fragrance, and vitamin oil for skin health.  

When buying beard oil, avoid those made with carrier polyunsaturated oils, like vegetable, sunflower, and soy. They spoil quickly and are devoid of many benefits that other carrier oils possess. 

Look for the following beard oil ingredients when comparing products:  

  • Almond oil is recommended as a carrier oil in beard oil, and it helps hydrate the beard and prevent split ends. It also contributes to a soft, shiny beard. 
  • Argan oil is another good carrier oil choice, as it is high in antioxidants that have healing properties for the skin and hair. It is a very nourishing oil.  
  • Peppermint essential oil makes the beard oil refreshing and restorative. It aids in circulation and fosters growth of your beard. Plus, it smells great! 
  • Clary sage essential oil has cooling and soothing properties. It helps improve acne and prevent dandruff. 
  • Pine essential oil is good for anyone who has eczema, acne, or dry skin. The smell is nice too.  
  • Vitamin E oil helps make the skin more elastic and it can generate hair growth. 

Remember that organic beard oil is made with all natural oils and ingredients. There are fewer chemicals and additives that could potentially damage or harm the skin in organic beard oil, making it a great option!  

Contact a local beard oil provider to learn more.