Finding a Balance Between Homemade and Commercial Beauty Products

Benefits Of Using Beard Oil—And The Best Ones To Buy

When it comes to everyday grooming, don't forget the beard oil! Is using beard oil part of your daily regimen? The benefits of using beard oil are compelling—and make it a prudent part of everyday hygiene:  Benefits Replaces Natural Oils Beard oil helps replace natural oils that are lost during washing and bathing. These oils moisturize the hair, including your beard.  Prevents Dandruff Beard oil moisturizes the scalp, so it helps prevent dandruff. Read More 

2 Ideas To Help You Shave Your Full Beard

For beard lovers, there's nothing quite like the feeling of a full beard. But sometimes, it can be a pain to groom and maintain. If you're looking for ways to shave your full beard, here are a few different ideas to help make the process easier and more enjoyable. Shave With the Grain Shaving with the grain is among the best ways to ensure a smooth beard shave. When you shave against the direction the hair grows, you are more likely to experience skin irritation and razor burn. Read More 

Dos and Don’ts of Storing Wigs

Your wigs are an investment and if you have multiple wigs, storing the wigs properly is critical. Whether the wigs are synthetic or human hair, proper storage will prevent damage and help maintain the wig's shape and keep the color vibrant. Here are a few simple dos and don'ts for storing your human hair and synthetic wigs. Do Clean Your Wigs Before Storage Always clean your wigs according to the label's directions before placing them into storage. Read More 

FAQs About 4-Step Skincare Routines For Acne

If you are dealing with acne, your doctor may have recommended a 4-step skincare kit along with other treatments, such as oral medications for cystic acne. If you've only been using one product to wash your face every day, you may be unaccustomed to a four-step skincare routine. Read on to find answers to your questions. What Does a 4-Step Skincare Routine Consist of? While every brand is different, many 4-step routines consist of a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. Read More 

Tips For Getting A Haircut You Love

Do you wish you stepped out of the stylist's chair with a haircut that you truly loved, rather than one that you felt was just okay? Choosing a stylist whose work you admire is the first step, but even beyond that, there are a few tips you can follow to get a haircut you actually love. Come with multiple pictures, and discuss exactly what you like about them. Showing your stylist pictures of cuts that you like is a good first step. Read More