Finding a Balance Between Homemade and Commercial Beauty Products

Colored Clip-In Hair Extensions Can Be A Great Way For Little Girls To Express Their Unique Style Without Damaging Their Hair

If you have a little girl who wants to be able to express herself by having wild and crazy hair, but you do not feel comfortable allowing her to make any major changes to it, consider allowing her to use clip-in hair extensions to express herself. The clip-in hair extensions will not cause any damage to your daughter's hair and will provide her with the outlet that she needs to feel unique. Read More 

Four Tips For Waxing With Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin you may notice that many methods of hair removal will cause you to have issues. Shaving will make your skin break out in razor bumps. Depilatory hair removal systems will turn your skin red and possibly cause burns. If you desire for your hair removal to last as long as possible, waxing is a good choice. When you select waxing, you may only need to get one or two wax sessions to last for several months of summer. Read More 

Four Methods Of Treating Adolescent Acne

Everyone dreams of having flawless, beautiful skin, especially when they are in the throes of adolescence. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a rosy pink, pristine complexion. Raging hormones increase oil production, and this can cause the fine pores to become clogged, which can eventually erupt in an ugly, inflamed pimple. Sometimes, the skin won't erupt and clear the pore, causing a bump to lie smoldering under the skin, causing a painful, infected cyst. Read More 

Looking To Start A Business? Why A Barber Shop Is The Way To Go

Starting a business can be a very exciting venture.  You get the chance to aim for complete financial freedom by becoming your own boss and working for your personal bottom line.  However, before you can get your business off the ground you'll need to decide which industry to break into.  Although there are a number of different options out there, you may find that opening a barber shop is the ideal choice. Read More 

Can IPL Photojuvenation Be Helpful To You?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) photorejuvenation can help improve some of the skin problems that many Americans face. Despite the benefits of the treatment, many people have not taken advantage of it. If you have been hesitant to try IPL photorejuvenation, learning more could help you decide.  How Can IPL Photorejuvenation Help? IPL photorejuvenation relies on lasers to lighten or remove brown blotches on the skin. It can also help with reducing the redness that is associated with skin conditions, such as rosacea. Read More